Spanish School
Catalan School, ca. 1200
371. Altar frontal: Scenes of the Martyrdom of St Lawrence, fragment, Barcelona, Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya (Inv. no. 15795)
285 × 1305 × 35 mm
Sample 717. Horizontal grain. Some insect holes. One board. Roughly cut. Small splits in the wood, in the bottom; in this location the wood has the consistency of cork. A nail inserted from the front of the panel does not perform any function in the construction or support of the panel. Panel not reinforced.
Italian School
Francesco Francia, 15th century
372. The Nativity, Paris, Musée du Louvre (No. 1435, p.102. Inv. no. M.I. 348)
235 × 136 × 10 mm
Sample 222. Vertical grain. Excellent condition. One board. Inscription: black letters directly onto the wood. Panel not reinforced.